The Eureka Project


The aim of the Eureka Project is to build a functioning town from scratch. There are very specific applications of decentralization and blockchain technology in the sphere of public administration that have the potential to change the structure of local government and business.

We believe that we have a novel model of self sustaining economic momentum for a town/city and its citizens, fully aligned with the fundamental tenets of capitalism.

Due to the nature of civic governance, change is slow and often encounters bureaucratic red-tape. Having run up against these obstacles already, we decided that it would be easier to design and build a new type of town based on the founding principles of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others: Decentralization.

We have sites in Southern Oregon and Eastern Wyoming with potential and we will develop Eureka in one of these remote areas.

The Eureka Project was jointly founded by Andrew and Gordon in 2017 and is the realization of speculative conversations on the applications of decentralization and automation in public administration and municipal governance.