Decet and the Tezos Foundation

Decet is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant by the board of the Tezos Foundation to draft, compose, and structure the documentation for the Tezos network, growing commonwealth, and global ecosystem.   This project will cover developer documentation through guides for those with no prior experience or knowledge of Tezos.

As good access to readable and accurate information is a foundational cornerstone to any successful open source platform, Decet will work closely with the Tezos developer community to ensure that anyone with an interest can find clear and useful information on how to utilize, participate, and develop atop the Tezos network.  

In addition, the technical documentation will include thorough and well organized specifications, details, instructions, and tutorials. In addition, we firmly believe that a joint development of resources for the technical person and the lay person is a precondition to large scale adoption of the platform.  Our project will include resources for those with no prior blockchain exposure so as to continually be able to on board new developers and potential developers. 

Decet and the Tezos Foundation have collaborated in the past and we at Decet look forward to the partnership going forward. Gordon Speagle of Decet, will direct this project and Our team will work closely with the Tezos Developer Community as well as the larger system as this project starts charting its course.  

Congratulations to the other grant recipients :

University of Beira Interior  


Cornell University, and Co-Director of the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts (“IC3”)  Emin Gün Sirer