Who Cares About Decentralization?

Keeping the information routes open is important and I can use this platform to parse out some ideas that are fueling this project and hopefully give the uninitiated an overview of the ideological foundations of decentralization and how they relate to the Eureka Project

 Why should you or anyone else care about Decentralization?

 Fundamentally, decentralization is a mechanism to free the individual person from the unnecessary influence of administrative overreach and corruption. It is foolish and naive to  deny that those two qualifications are not intrinsically bound with our current systems of governance and public administration. In the private sphere, decentralized organizations can eliminate “middlemen” and eradicate  bottlenecks of economic energy and obstructions of market flow.

The true potential of decentralization is not just currency, it is a way to begin to dismantle the unnecessary bureaus and administration in the sphere of public governance and private administration.

Acknowledging that this is a problem is not the same as fixating or harping on it. Administrative errors, either intentional or accidental, are vulnerabilities that can be exploited from both internal and external sources and these cause rippling effects through the system it is supposed to be administrating.  We think that blockchain technology can offer some very specific and subtle solutions to these errors.

 Applying the principles of decentralization will free people to transact with one another without the red tape, overreach, and taxation.  The removal of error prone oversight will free our economic and governmental systems to function in a more natural way.

Distributed Ledgers are the first step.