Private: The Eureka Project: Letter to Potential Investors

The Eureka Project: A new vision for a decentralized city

The Eureka Project aims to eliminate inefficiencies in both our economic and administrative spheres, so we won’t begin this letter with a sappy, manufactured epiphany narrative.
Instead, we will build a town from scratch. On a remote plot of land in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, we will use the most recent innovations in blockchain and decentralized systems to redefine city and solve some of the more pervasive issues plaguing public administration and governance.

  • Power will be delivered via a decentralized energy exchange and microgrid that will allow residents to generate and trade tokenized power peer-to-peer in a decentralized market. Power Ledger has already began to explore new ways to utilize blockchain technology in power distribution.

  • Property and land deeds will be stored, transferred, and transacted via a blockchain. The murky waters of property and real estate transfers will be cleared through a distributed ledger. A blockchain company out of Kiev, Propy, is already doing some interesting work in this domain.

  • All public records will be stored on a distributed ledger. Storj and Filecoin are two of the many companies already working on the distributed data storage solutions on the blockchain. There are many application of this type of blockchain use case on the horizon, especially in the confidential medical records field. Our engineers will begin tackling issues with large-scale data storage via blockchain as soon as we break ground.

Like any visionary endeavor, The Eureka Project needs capital. Developing rural land requires civil engineering and surveying. We will need to finalize the title, deed, and easement work, as well hire blockchain engineers to start development. We are looking to raise $ 6 million.

As an incentive to early backers, the land we own is already producing revenue: Our property is highly sought out by the mountaineering community. In the spirit of pioneering, The Eureka Project will also become a destination for climbers and adventurers. Early backers will be given an option of revenue sharing immediately from the mountaineering activities while the municipality is designed. Over time, we plan to recruit some of the most energetic and forward-thinking pioneers of this new digital future, and our ultimate goal is to turn over ownership of the Eureka Project to those who have poured their investment and energy into building the municipality. 

The Eureka Project was founded by Gordon Speagle, a University of Illinois College of Engineering administrator and UIUC Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Dr. Andrew Miller. (The Eureka Project is not currently associated with UIUC.) Andrew has advised numerous successful blockchain companies and is an active researcher and expert in cryptography and Blockchain technologies. Gordon has worked as an administrator in higher education for 9 years and his blockchain consulting (Decet Consulting) firm has worked with both Tezos and Hshares on various projects. This experience will be invaluable while guiding the project. 

Cryptocurrency fever is sweeping the nation, and yet currencies are only the most rudimentary application of blockchain technologies. The Eureka Project is the next step in the progression. Our choice to co-develop an alpining community with an avant-garde experimental municipality is both practical and metaphorical. The adventurous spirit of The Eureka Project’s early backers will usher in a new phase of decentralized government, owned and operated by the people it serves. 

Gordon Speagle
Andrew Miller